What Qualifications Needed To Become A Singer?


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Young persons considering careers in music should have musical talent, versatility, creativity, poise, and a good stage presence.
Because quality performance requires constant study and practice, self-discipline is vital.
Musicians and singers also must be prepared to face the anxiety of intermittent employment and of rejection when auditioning for work.
Because musicians and singers always must make their performances look effortless, preparation and practice are important.
Without practice, you do not learn how to hit certain notes and you do not learn how to train your vocal chords to do what you need them to do.
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You don't really need any qualifications to be a singer, you just need to be able to work hard, be passionate in what you do and make sure you reach the top.

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Having a good singing voice, being able to stay on key, and being able to remember the words.
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Know what your are working with, to be talented, love what you do, sing high and low, and not be afraid to sing in front of people

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