What Qualifications Are Needed To Become A Software Engineer?


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Most Software Engineers hold a Bachelors Degree (preferably this will be with honours) in a computer-related subject. However, nowadays there are specific degrees for software engineers and so obviously, if possible, it would be best to hold one of these qualifications. Numerous Universities across the US and UK offer this subject including the University of York UK, University of Edinburgh UK and the University of Phoenix USA.

A software engineer is responsible for the design and implementation of a variety of software solutions. They might be involved in the design and testing of anything from computer games and business applications to operating systems and advanced software for the control of highly technical hardware and equipment. Once the system had been fully designed software engineers then test, debug and maintain the systems.

The work undertaken by software engineers is generally of a highly complex and technical nature and involves the application of computer science and mathematics in an environment which is constantly evolving as a result of technological advances.

Depending on the type of organisation, software engineers can become either systems or applications specialists. They increasingly need to have knowledge of a variety of computer programming languages and applications, this is due to the wide variety of work that they can be involved in.

Average starting salary for graduate software engineer: £27,000 (salary data collected Nov 09). Salaries vary depending on the size of the company and the location. Typical range of earnings for software engineers after around three to four years: £35,500 - £38,500 (salary data collected Nov 09).
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Strong problem solving
analytical skills
project planning ,design and management
advanced degrees in such as mathematics  and system  design  
good participant  in coops and internships
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Good programming skills
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engineering is a field that related to computer science or IT stream. They are
responsible for design, development, and implementation of software. A career
in software engineering is quite good and future scope is also good.

To become
a software engineer you first need to complete a bachelor degree in computer
science or related field.  Along with
this, a candidate must have good knowledge of few of the programming languages
as well as good problem-solving skills. After completion of a bachelor degree,
one can easily apply for software
engineering jobs
by any online job portal.

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I can tell you that it's really hard. I thought about it at one point in my life, I learned the basics, and then I understood that it wasn't for me at all. I decided to contact guys from kindgeek.com, and I can tell you that it was the best option because I didn't have to deal with everything myself, and it didn't take them long to develop a reliable product.

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You need to have a strong passion in the area of study.good analytical skills and logic.in kenya one should have passed through the "o" level and attained strong points in mathematics,physics, chemistry and geography to qualify for the university entry.the mean grade should be atleast a c+.
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A bachelor degree commonly is required for software engineering jobs, although a masters degree for some positions or you may need a certificate.
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A Software engineer is a person who is responsible for design, development, testing and evaluation of software and systems which enable computers to perform their applications. It is one of the fastest growing profession of this decade.

You would need to complete your high school or A levels before you get admission in software engineering. You must have Mathematics in A levels for that. Then enroll in any software engineering program offered by an accredited university.

Do a lot of practical work and research. You would need your four years bachelors degree in addition to knowledge of computer systems and technologies.

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