What Should B The Best Resume Headline For A Fresher?


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This question has a multitude of answers. First of all, it depends whether you actually mean a résumé, or if you're looking to write a Curriculum Vitae (CV). When writing a CV, people tend to simply have their name as the title or headline. However, if you are writing a résumé, then there are a number of different ways to begin.

The headline of your résumé needs to be a short, snappy sentence which will catch your potential employer's attention from the very beginning. A common style of headline outlines skills or qualifications which make you suitable for the job you are applying for. Think about any computing qualifications you may have, for example, or whether you are proficient in using specialist programs. This is most common when people are applying for a specific job, as you can tailor your headline to suit the position you are applying for.

Another way to create a headline for your résumé is by thinking about your work and education background. For example, if you have spent five years working as a waitress, and are applying for a job as a chef, then you can use your working background in the food and service industry as your main selling point to include in your headline.

However, apparently you are a fresher, so the résumé you are writing is probably your first, and chances are you haven't had a job before, which means you can't focus on your working history. But this doesn't mean that your résumé headline should be bland or dull. Instead of focusing on your background in your headline, think about your personality or character traits which make you an ideal candidate for the job. Well organized and punctual? Then say so in the headline! Confident with good people skills? Put it in there! Your headline is the first part of your résumé which will be read, so you need to use it to your advantage by really selling yourself to your potential employer.
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Getting discipline  degree  with 1st division from Nagpur university with no  work experience(Fresher) and To contribute outstanding technical skills and strong commitment to achieving your company’s goals in an IT consulting capacity.
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A skills based resume is usually best for a fresher. Think in terms of your personal qualities that would be of interest to an employer, such as leadership, determination,  communication etc. Avoid the word 'passionate' as this has become a cliche.
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Take a look at different resume formats. Based on your question I would think that a "skills" resume, "targeted", resume or a functional resume would be your best bet as those formats allow for a "summary" statement at the top of the resume.

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