What Should I Say In An Interview If Asked A Question Saying To Say Something About My Self?


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I'm guessing your talking about a job interview? They are looking for the right person for the job, one they can trust, rely on, and get the job done.
I would say to start off by telling them about your previous work and studies, pointing out your achievments and why you would be good for the company. hope this helps.
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Start with " My name is "XYZ". I have been associated with [Say for example - Customer service] the customer service industry for over 7 years now and my most recent experience has been working for ABC firm as an Asst Manager.

Over 7 years I have had an experience of varied working environments and challenges that came along with it. The experiences include Hotels, Travel and Leisure, Sales, Fraud Management, Insurance. I have also volunteered for NGO’s and Red Cross Society.

One reason why I particularly enjoy this business is the ability to connect to people. [By now you have introduced yourself, you have also shown that you are into other activities apart from your office, that makes you versatile, without you having to say it.]

[Now start with what you studied, briefly tell about your first job, second job finishing with what you currently do. Rehearse your introduction again and again till you can say it without a flaw, and yes it should look natural not like something you have prepared on. The whole introduction should be between 1 and 2 minutes and not exceeding 3 minutes in any case]
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It all depends on who is asking about you and for what reasons.
If you are attending a job or college interview this is a very reasonable question.
If someone you don't know very well is asking you'd need to think about their reasons for wanting to know and is it justifiable to ask so much about you.
For an interview you would be best concentrating on the basics such as age, work experience and hobbies. Always think about relevent and interesting details when applying for jobs.
If you have only just left scholl or higher education obviously work experiences will be more limited so you can give a short resume on your education and hobbies and interests.
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If you are asked to tell something about yourself, be brief; tell things you would not mind sharing with others. Be truthful, talk about your hobbies, food you like to eat and place you have visited and places you would like to visit. Tell the animals you like, animals you do not like. Schools you have attended and cities you have lived. If this person is a stranger stay away from talking too much about your family and job, no days you must think about your safety. Take care.
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I would begin by telling this person about all the positive things you have done in recent years. Tell him/ her about your experience with people. Express the importance of honesty and openness with others.

You might tell the person of some of your previous work experience if it is anything similar to the job for which you are applying.

I would stress that it is your intention to do the best job possible, and take work serious.
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While answering this question one should keep in mind that interviewer wants to know you as a person, your goal in life, your strengths and weaknesses, your hobbies etc. While answering this question one should focus on these points rather than focusing on work experience and education because it is already mentioned in your CV.
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