What Skills Do You Possess That Make You A Strong Candidate For This Position?


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This question is usually asked in an interview environment and it best to have thought about it prior to the interview because it is more than likely you will be asked it, whether you are applying for a job, an internship or a place on a course. Make a note of all your skills so you are prepared to give clear, concise, well structured and well thought out answered in the high pressure interview scenario.        

Think about which skills are needed for the position you are applying for. If you have applied for it via a job application form, it is more than likely that the desired skills were on the application. Think about these skills and if you have them, think of examples of when you used them. You do not have had to use the skills in the work environment; you may have used them in your social life or in school. If they are looking for someone who works well with others but you have only ever worked in positions where you work alone, tell them of the teams you have played for such as soccer or rugby, and how important it was to work as a team.                

No matter what the position, there are certain skills that all employers look for. These include good time management skills, good communication, basic numeracy ability, IT, working as part of a team, problem solving, managing your own learning, customer care and service, flexibility, planning and organisation, motivation and enthusiasm and you must show initiative and being ‘self-starting’.

Make sure you highlight your past work experience, what you achieved in these positions and how you made a vital contribution to the company. Also explain how you could make a contribution to the company you are applying to and ask questions about the position at the end of the interview to prove that you are keen and interested.
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I feel I am the best fit for this role because I am team player and very energetic
I will go the extra mile to get the job done, love to handle multiple task and be hand on accounting activities.
I understand that your organization on the way up in the market and I like to be part of its success

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