Please Explain How Your Past Personal And Professional Experience Make You A Quality Candidate For The Position For Which You Are Applying?


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This question typically appears on application forms for jobs, so people who want to get hired need to know how to answer it correctly. If you see this question on a form, you must explain your qualifications clearly and concisely, in such a way that you are portrayed in a positive light. Here is an example answer that you can use to get a sense of a good and appropriate response; be sure to modify this response for your own need. In this example, the person is applying for a job as an editor at a publishing company:

  • Sample answer

My past personal and professional experience makes me a quality candidate for this position. In my educational history, I've studied journalism and mass communications at ______University, and I've also volunteered as an editor at the college newspaper, the ______. During my college career, I also published articles in a variety of literary magazines. At the end of my university career, I graduated with honors. 

My personal connection to the written word is strong, and I've spend my life reading and analyzing literature, poetry, articles, research papers, and newspapers. For me, becoming a journalist will be the next step on my career path, and everything I've done thus far has given me the skills I need to make a success of a journalism career.

I understand how to interview, how to write, how to edit, and how to proofread. I also have supplementary experience in areas such as layout, design, and advertising.

  • Be straightforward

As you can see, a simple and straightforward answer that combines your credentials with a little insight about your personality can be very helpful when you are trying to get a job and answer this question during the application process. Being honest is really the most important part of answering the question.
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