Give Examples Through Which You Have Demonstrated Leadership Qualities In Your Personal And Professional Life?


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If you have interned at some company, a bank, a restaurant or a fast moving consumer goods company, you may as well say you were the group leader of all junior interns and you had to be empathetic in some situations towards them, take them together as a team, set out direction and be a visionary etc
at home you have younger siblings with them you had to face several situations in which you had to take decisions for them, for family welfare how you have led them through difficulties
how at college you were a group leader for a project and you designated group mates to complete their tasks and how your charisma has influenced them to achieve your target and get the project completed on time.Remember a good leader is a good manager
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I think it is an irresponsible choice to ask questions like this of blurters. This is a very personal thing. It is about how you think and what your experiences in your life are. You don't want to live a lie, and liars don't succeed well. You can't go through college cheating, so why would you do it right from the get go? If you are not willing to put yourself forward to get into school, how do you expect to survive in big business? Do you think that a boss won't know if you are not doing your own work? It is illegal to take other peoples ideas and inventions, do you expect to just steal advertising campaigns or products? If you are looking for suggestions on what to include in your responses ask for suggestions, but a blurter cannot answer these things for you, and what do you learn or achieve if the do anyway!

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