Why Did You Choose To Become Part Of The Childcare Profession?


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There are a number of different reasons as to why people take up a career in child care. There is always a high demand for people to undertake childcare courses. This can include jobs in primary and secondary school teaching, childminding, social working and nursery nursing. Reasons for choosing childcare as a professional career include:

  • Job security
  • Job satisfaction
  • Extra perks

The demand for teachers is exceptionally high- especially male primary school teachers and secondary school science, languages and maths tutors. Once you have gained the correct qualifications and an adequate amount of experience it is very likely that you will find a job in a short period of time. The chances of keeping the job are also fairly high. It is also quite easy to move from teaching job to teaching job due to the high demand.

What better way to contribute to community than helping chlidren to grow into well-rounded individuals? As the saying goes, children are our future and starting a teaching career can be highly rewarding. Teaching and childcare can be extremely satisfying when the child produces good results and learns new things!

There are several perks when it comes to working with children. Being around the younger generation means you will be in touch with the latest trends and ideas. This will probably make you feel younger too! Paid holidays are also a big part of childcare, especially teaching. Teachers take over 12 weeks holiday off per year.This allows a lot of time for travelling, holidays and spending tiime with your own family. But they also work very hard and may have to do extra work in the holidays in order to prepare for lessons. One last perk to consider is that no two days are the same when working with chlidren. There are always surprises around every corner!

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