Why Do You Choose Hotel Industry As Your Career?


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If you are interested in a career in the hotel industry, be sure that you will be asked this question during an interview. The best answer for such question should be something like:

" I have chosen hotel industry as a career because in my opinion the services sector is the most challenging of all. I believe the hotel industry in the services sector will provide me with best opportunities to promote my professional skills. It is the most lucrative sectors of all. Since services is all about maximizing the experience, I believe I will be able to help the hotel in  achieving this target. I also believe I will be able to judge and fulfill the needs of my customers in a much better manner. I will use new tools and techniques to provide a unique experience to my customers. I believe my skill set as well as my education matches the needs of this industry."

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I chose the hotel industry because no 2 days are ever the same and it is a rewarding challenging career. The diversity of our guests is a continuing learning and satisfying experience. The people I work with are some of the most caring good natured real people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.
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In my opinion, We all know that hospitality industry is the dynamic industry which helps to set a man with  professional skills and being professional in profession helps this sector to achieve its goal.
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I chose the Hotel industry because I like to work in the Hotel and I want to improve my language so I  believe I will be able to help the hotel in achieving this target. I believe my skill set as well as my education matches the needs of this industry.
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Because it is the only industry where many tradition and culture meet undee one umbrella and I am very much glad to serve to all those culture
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Well, actually only a couple years ago I
planned a completely different career path for myself. But then I decided to
take a gap year before going to college and that changed everything. To get
myself off the shoulders of my parents (who btw weren't a bit happy about my
decision but eventually came around), I started working at a hotel in my home
town. I really enjoyed working there from the first day, and though I had a
minor position – a front desk clerk, I immediately understood that hospitality
is where I should be. Now I am a second year student at Les Roches Chicago, one of the best
hospitality schools in the entire world, and I'm dreaming of opening a hotel of
my own one day.

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I always saw my future in the hotel business, but I didn't think there would be so many difficulties in the little things. From personnel search to hotel linen suppliers. The most important thing is to pay attention to quality in details and I think business will go up as well as popularity with the hotel.

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