Why Did You Choose Hospitality As Career?


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Bhawna Tripathi Profile
Bhawna Tripathi answered

Hospitality sector is one of the most trending sectors where job seekers
whether experienced/fresher are enthusiastic to get employed in this profile.
There are many of the opportunities where candidates can easily make a great
deal in making dream jobs into reality. As in this form there are various scope
and bright future ahead to achieve growth and map a road to success. Candidates
searching for jobs in hospitality profile can simply visit the job portal of
Monster India and search and apply for the jobs.

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Chinmayee Ataly answered

A-  Hospitality sector is one of the most
booming sectors in Singapore, thus offering huge opportunities to the job

you are looking for jobs, then MonsterSingapore is one of the leading job portals in Singapore. All you need
to do is register on the job portal, and then upload your credentials like CV
or resume, skills, educational qualifications and experience if any. After
adding all the details then start searching for jobs as per your convenience.
You can search for jobs based on your skills, job profile and location as well.
There are jobs for fresher and experienced as well.

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Dolphin Lee answered
Because I am interested in it and it is very promising.

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