How Do You Get Another Copy Of Your W2 Form?


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If you have lost or misplaced the original copy of your W2 form (the form used as an information return to report wages paid to employees and the taxes withheld from them) it is necessary to replace it. A W2 form is fully required in order for you to file taxes and without it you will not be able to start the process. Getting hold of a duplicate copy of your W2 form is a reasonably simple process providing that you follow the right steps.

Before applying for a copy of your W2 form you should double check that you have looked for the original in every single possible place. Try to think where you may have used it and ask around to check that no one in your household has seen it or tidied it away somewhere you wouldn’t initially think to check. Once you are certain that the form is definitely lost or misplaced you will need to gather together all of the information necessary to order another. This information will include your social security number, your employee number, address and any other work related information. Contact your company’s human resources department by phone and ask if you can speak to someone in payroll records. In most cases it is the payroll record section of a human resources department that takes care of organising duplicate copies of W2 forms. Once you are through to the right person, request a new copy to be sent through the inter-office mail rather than postal mail. This means that you will receive the form at work and there is no risk of it getting lost in the mail. It can take a few weeks for your company to process your request, particularly at busy times such as the height of tax season. At these times you should be patient when waiting for your duplicate form to arrive.
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The Internal Revenue Service of the United States Department of the Treasury does not retain actual copies of the w2 form except as an attachment to your tax return for prior years.

However, the Internal Revenue Service maintains w2 form information for any purpose for the past ten processing years.The only way to get a copy of your w2 form from the Internal Revenue Service is to order a copy of the entire return on form 4056 and pay a fee of $39.00 per tax year.

All that you are supposed to do is call them at 1-800-829-3676 or visit their website on and go to 'obtain form 4506'. This service of the internal revenue service has started just over a couple of months. To follow this complete procedure will take you a couple of weeks or maybe a month even.

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