How To Overcome Nervous In A Group Interview?


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What I do is, I don't think about all the people that'll be looking at me, or the person interviewing me.

- I keep it cool by putting up a front of confidence and shake their hand, introduce myself, and listen.

- I remember to keep everything in moderation and not to over think.

- Not thinking about the bad things that can happen and what not.

- Most importantly, I think about how old I am and remember that I can push everything behind me, thus going back to the first one :]

Oh, I should've read more. Don't worry about not speaking fluent english yet. I'm sure you'll do fine if you remember to keep confident.
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Nervousness is a problem that is faced by many individuals while giving interviews and presentations. Here are some tips for overcoming nervousness:
- Practice before you are to deliver
- Concentrate on breathing slowly and deeply, while giving the interview.
- Avoid nervous hand gestures.
- Keep your voice low when you start to speak.
- Put the whole issue in perspective.

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