How To Go For A Interview?


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Rest rest rest a night before your interview but before that you should do some research first about the company who's going to conduct an interview for you...
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You need to have a good night's sleep before the interview. It's very important for you to keep your calm and presence of mind during the interview. Sleep deprivation can play havoc with our nerves and make us commit unforeseen blunders. Secondly, you have to dress up nicely but at the same time you should not look overdressed for the occasion. Whether you're a girl or a guy, go for sober colors and dress up formally not casually. A hint of makeup is okay for girls, and minimal jewelry like maybe a chain or small earrings but don't overdo it, because you want to send the message across that you're a professional first and then a woman and want to be taken seriously. Shoes should be spotless and nails clean. Although, the way you dress is not what the interview is about, you feel more confident when you're dressed immaculately. Just drop all doubts from your mind and force yourself to focus on the positive before you go in. Once in the interview room, just be confident and be yourself. Don't lie just for the heck of it because on the spot lies are usually caught easily and can put a big cross on your profile. Just be confident, alert and honest and you'll rock it. Good luck!

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