How Much Should A Should An Assistant Manager At A Doctors Office Make?


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The salary for a Doctor’s Office Assistant Manager varies from country to country and from city to city, so there is no definitive amount you should be looking for. Indeed, it is a more vital position for larger medical practices than smaller ones, so those in the position of more responsibility will generally be paid a higher wage. In the US, however, the position can pay anything from $28,000 to $58,000 at the high end of the scale.
A Doctor’s Office Assistant Manager is a non-medically trained professional, so cannot expect to earn the money doctors make at the practice. The responsibilities of the Assistant Manager are largely the same as any office management positions, although the Assistant Manager may be required to keep to a strict code of confidentiality. The role will require the supporting of medical staff, including such tasks as filing staff records, receiving phone calls from patients, welcoming visitors to the office and offering further support services.
Experience is the major factor in calculating a potential salary for an Assistant Manager, according to PayScale, with one to four years’ worth paying $27,500-$40,000 on average. With between five and 19 years or experience you should be looking at being offered $27,000 to $45,000. The top end of the scale, for those with more than 20 years as a Doctor’s Office Assistant Manager, a salary between $36,000 to $57,500 is to be expected.
The pay for an Assistant Manager at a doctor’s office is favourable compared to a similar role in other industries. For example, a retail assistant manager should expect no more than $53,000 regardless of experience and a restaurant assistant manager little more than $46,000. A hotel assistant manager, however, can be paid as much as $64,000.
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Am sure this varies a great deal throughout the world so without specifics this is impossible to give a good answer to.

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