How Can Professional Knowledge And Abilities Affect Your Career Success?


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"If you do not possess any professional knowledge or abilities, then you are still employable in a company’s eyes but you will most likely not be their first choice. Having some prior skills and abilities up your sleeve when you enter a new job or career can really help to push you up the ladder and get better.

Obviously, having professional knowledge about the subject field you are going into will most definitely be a requirement before anyone will hire you. Would you hire someone to be a Doctor if they didn’t know anything about medicine? Although quite a lot of knowledge about a job is learnt whilst doing it and being ‘in the field’, a certain amount of knowledge is always good to have, even if it is not required.

Nowadays, with lots more people going onto higher education and more and more people fighting for one job, employers are looking for qualities that are making people stand out. When you go for an interview or send out your resume, employers are going to be looking for intangible skills that will make you even better at the job. Good communication skills are often a necessity with any job where you are interacting with people on a regular basis. Although some people are naturally good at talking, that doesn’t mean that you can’t improve your own communication skills. Search the Internet for methods and ways to improve them or see if you can sign up for classes or seminars.

Other skills that are good to have behind you when applying for a job include critical thinking and work ethic. Again, if you do not feel like these qualities apply to you or that you are not very good at them, see if you can find classes to help improve. Most university libraries can offer sessions to help you develop."
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I am going to school for criminal justice. I would like to know, what is a good answer for abilities and knowledge of career success.

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