How Does Professional Values And Ethics Affect Career Success?


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Corporations don't make decisions about ethics.   Ethical choices are made by individuals within the organization.   Unethical choices by unethical people can bring a company to the brink of bankruptcy - or - beyond.   Once a person has been identified as having no morals when it comes to business,   he is marked as a pirah in his field.   His only concern is for himself and not for that of his employer.   He wants to look good and he has no compulsion about how he goes about it.   But, ultimately, it is the company who pay for his foolishness by having to defend it's (his) unethical practices.   Once the company is able to identify who is to blame for their problems they will lay the blame entirely on him, his job will be in jeopardy and if unemployment is the outcome; another position may be difficult to obtain.

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