What Has Led You To Choose A Career In Professional Services?


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Deborah Mann answered
  • Rewards.
The professional services are a well paid sector of industry to work in. With such service giants as Price Waterhouse Coopers, there can be ample opportunities to further practical thinking and my understanding of people and positions through the intensive interaction and meaningful communication with people from different countries and cultures.

I like meeting people from all levels of society and all walks of life, so the professional services once more appeals to me, adding to the rewards of the career.

  • Skills.
As a specialist in professional services I will deal with clients in various areas with challenges to stretch me and exercise me. I will find myself in ideal situations to expand my multi-departmental skills and knowledge, as well as honing my more pragmatic skills, which are just as necessary.

Due to English being my first language, I can communicate far and wide across the world as English is the business language of choice for most of the world.

  • Confidence.
My personal qualities would give me the confidence necessary to thrive in the professional services arena. I would welcome the chance to tackle client, teamwork and problem solving issues. Since I enjoy dealing with and working inside collaborative groups, my critical approach allows me to examine the positives and negatives of every situation I am involved in.

  • The Challenge of Pressure.
I relish the chance to work under pressure, and this would give me an advantage in the world of the professional serviced specialist.

The benefits and financial rewards of the professional services confirm to me my suitability for the career.

  • Opportunity and Growth.
The whole sector has a reputation for high salaries and high growth. Profits have risen steadily, with revenues and expanded recruitment having gone hand in hand with large salary increases.
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Bhawna Tripathi answered

There are many benefits of choosing a career in professional
services. Some benefits are,

  • Rewards
  • Opportunity and Growth
  • Opportunities for exercise to expand multi-department
  • Corporative experience

To take all these advantages, finding a good job in professional
services is important. And for this need, online job portals work as the most
effective source. Monster India is a leading job portal where candidates can
find a huge array of job opportunities regarding their interested field. To
avail the benefits, create a profile and upload an updated resume.

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