How Can I Download My W2 Form For Sonic Drive In?


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Your W-2 form must be mailed out to you or given to you by hand by your employer. However, if you have not received your form by the middle of February then you need to contact your employer and request a copy from them. Sometimes they will ask you to pay a nominal fee for having to give you an extra copy if they have already sent one out. You cannot simply download a W-2 form.

It is a very rare occurrence but sometimes a company may refuse to give you a W-2 Form if you have not already received it or lost it. In this case you will need to call the IRS and give them some specific information. You will need to have your employer’s name and full address, as well as your employer’s telephone number and identification number if you have it. You will also need to inform the IRS of your name and address, telephone number and social security number. Furthermore you should have at hand an estimated figure of the wages you have earned over the year, the dates you started and terminated your employment and the federal income tax that has been withheld.

Once you have your form you must first fill in Box 1 of the form which askes for your total wages from the job or multiple jobs you have had in that year. To do this you should locate all the Wage and Tax statements you have received throughout the year and calculate the total sum of money earned using a calculator. You should then place the total figure on Form 1040 Line 7, Form 1040A Line 7 or Form 1040EZ Line 1.

However, if you notice any wrong information on your form then you must contact your employer to correct it. This could include the wrong amount of wages you have received, or a spelling error in your name, or perhaps even the wrong social security number.
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