How can I pull up W2 forms for Wendy's?


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Wendy's should send your W2 form shortly after Jan 31st.

If you're here wondering why it hasn't showed up yet, then these are the people you need to get in touch with (in this order):

  • Your Wendy's branch manager
  • If your branch is owned by a franchisee, then they will likely have a franchise management firm. For example, many Wendy's are run by Valentire Restaurants. And they have a dedicated hotline: 1-800-874-8000

    HOWEVER, they also say that communications will be "forwarded" to the director of human resources, so it may take a couple of calls to speak to the right person.
  • Wendy's HR department. They don't deal with store employees W2 forms themselves, but they may be able to help.

    Check out the link at the bottom of page for details on how to contact them.
  • Your local tax office

Reaching out to the local tax office should be an option of last resort, because effectively you will be complaining that Wendy's is withholding your W2 from you, and they will need to investigate that.

There's a similar question hon this same site here that provides some helpful advice for reaching out to Wendy's when looking for your W2 form.

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