How Do I Add Salary Requirements To My Resume?


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Do you need this job desperately? Are you qualified enough for this job. Are you experienced?
These are the question that should be considered in adding salary requirements in resume.

Regarding the format, you can put heading like " Expected Salary" . And you can mention your desired salary expectation. Its better to make a little salary survey in your area. Employers are looking for minimum salary amount. But you can write e.g.
I'm very flexible on the issue and will consider any reasonable offer from a prospective employer that is comensurate with the position in question and with my qualifications and experience".
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Career Builder has a salary 'meter' try it out..
It will help give you a close range of your experience and it will be evaluated on the area you live in..
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I have had 5 years experience as a teacher's aid. I have applied and waiting to get my CDA certification. I have over 100 hours of staff development alone with training. I have my CPR and First Aid certification

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