How Do I Ask About Salary In A Interview?


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Anonymous answered don't.  A candidate should never, ever ask about the salary in an interview unless the employer brings it up.  SImple.
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It is very easy to ask about the salary in an interview. Whenever you are called for an interview you need to be fully prepear for the salary in order to take interview. So when you go to the interview panel they will ask you many questions about your job, education and previous experience so you need you tell them what they ask from you so in this way you can make good image before the panel.

So when the interview is over and they let you chance to ask what you want to ask, so this is the chance for you to ask whatever you like to ask from them so start with the job description they can tell you. So you can ask them what is the job description of your when working with the company.

So in this manner they will explain to you the job description so when you will finish your one question go for the second. You can now ask about the salary for this post or designation so that you can easily find out is this job suitable for you or not. So this is the way you can ask them about your salary. You can not ask directly for the salary.
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Anonymous answered shouldn't ask the employer about the salary...wait until the employer will bring it up to you during the interview,

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When you are going to any interview then first and main thing is that you should be prepare for any question related with expected salary. If you are not asked for salary then you can start from your end and can ask that sir could I know about my salary.

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