What Are The Common Characteristics Of Public Administration And Business Administration?


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The common ground for both public and business administration is that both processes are acting to maintain order and organization. Public administration looks to investigate and understand how interlinking public sectors are managed with an aim of maintaining the most effective form of management. Business administration does the same thing but with aspects of the business as opposed to sections of the public sector.

Another section of similarity between the two forms of administration is the fact that they are both conducted and controlled by people who are in relatively high positions of authority. For example, public administration is often conducted by:

  • Company directors
  • Senior management
  • Cabinet secretaries

In a similar vein, companies looking to conduct business administration will often appoint senior members of management to oversee procedures. For example, the chief executive officer or president of the company will usually be the head of any business administration that is conducted. Nothing will be permitted unless it has been cleared by them personally.

Both forms of administration also operate with a hierarchy or structure. The overall procedure is overseen by the more senior members of the team, like a chief executive officer. However, these senior members of the management team will also have their assistants and vice presidents who will most likely each receive a certain segment of the workload to be completing.

This responsibility will then be passed from the vice presidents down the hierarchy so that each aspect of the administration is being covered correctly.

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