What Is The Difference Between Business Management And Administration?


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There's no difference. The word "administration" and "management" are somewhat different when defined in a dictionary. But in the real world of business, they are the same unless one begins splitting hairs.
Some might say that administration involves more things of a paper-pushing or clerical nature. And some may think that management implies some authority over others that administrators do not have. If a company makes this distinction, so be it. But in general, business administration and business management are the same. "

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"Generally speaking, business administration is usually the name of the degree or program (like BBA or MBA) and not really a concentration. Every business discipline combined is pretty much "business administration" as a whole. In fact, you can even take out the word "administration" and just leave it at "business" as a field of study. So saying you study "business administration" is saying you study "business."

Management is the actual concentration within business administration, and you cover organizational behavior/structure, leadership in organizations, managing change, and things like human resources (people) management. Some schools might have "business administration and management" to refer to the management major.

Econ and finance is pretty clear. Econ is about the allocation of scarce resources among competing uses. The main theme is supply and demand and price determination. At the micro level, you narrow in on firm and consumer behavior. At the macro level, you learn about national and international issues like interest rates, GDP, inflation, etc. Finance is more about investing (in the general sense of the word, not just in the stock market). The main theme is risk and return. You learn about the time value of money and apply it in many ways. Finance uses some econ, and econ uses some finance.
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Business administration is your workforce,the employees.And your business management is the order in which the business and it's affairs are conducted.
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BUSINESS MANAGEMENT means managing business whereas business administration emphasis implementing the plans and policies and working jointly for that achievement.
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Administration is about Implementing the decisions made by the top management and Management is about making decisions about the organisation
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Business Management is a general management and measurement of IT costs, operations and efficiency and its impact on the organization.  Whereas business administration includes international and global business, as well as strategy and economics. It also includes requirements of certain cultural differences and an acute understanding of the global economy at large.
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Business management is how you plan,co-ordinate and control a business whereas Business administration consists the performance or how you manage business operations and therefore the making and implementing of major decisions.Administration is the universal process of organising people and resources efficiently so as to direct activities towards common goals and activities
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I what the d/f b/w the two terms
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Business management is a method of aligning an organization with the wants and needs of its clients. Whereas business administration includes the performance or management of business operations and implementing major decisions involved in an organization.
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Business Management is the influencing of people to help accomplish the goal of an organization where Business Adminstration is the actual management ,growth , stratagies of any business.

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