What Is The Difference Between Manager And Management And Also Administration And Management?


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You've asked the difference between manager and management. Then you've also asked the difference between management and administration. To understand the difference between both first of all I think it is appropriate to know the meaning of these words. So let me tell you the meanings. When you'll know their meanings. You can differentiate between them easily.
The meaning of management is to progress or to perform adequately especially in some difficult situations. For example, you don't administrate the time. But you manage time and your time table. Now the person who makes management he is called manager. I hope it is clear now.
Second thing you've asked about. It is the meaning of administration. You need to know its meaning to understand it as well. So the meaning of administration is to control, to direct, or to govern. When a person administrate he can be called with both name. I.e. manager or administrator. But there is a very slight difference which I've mentioned. And I hope you'd understand it. And now you can differentiate between them easily. Moreover, I think you can also teach it to other now. I hope I'm right in saying that.
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Basis of difference Administration Management    
Nature of work It is concerned about the determination of objectives and major policies of an organization. It puts into action the policies and plans laid down by the administration.    
Type of function It is a determinative function. It is an executive function.    
Scope It takes major decisions of an enterprise as a whole. It takes decisions within the framework set by the administration.    
Level of authority It is a top-level activity. It is a middle level activity.    
Nature of status It consists of owners who invest capital in and receive profits from an enterprise. It is a group of managerial personnel who use their specialized knowledge to fulfill the objectives of an enterprise.    
Nature of usage It is popular with government, military, educational, and religious organizations. It is used in business enterprises.    
Decision making Its decisions are influenced by public opinion, government policies, social, and religious factors. Its decisions are influenced by the values, opinions, and beliefs of the managers.    
Main functions Planning and organizing functions are involved in it. Motivating and controlling functions are involved in it.    
Abilities It needs administrative rather than technical abilities. It requires technical activities.
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Administratoin is top-level activity
management is middle-level activity

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