What Is A Personal Assistant?


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The exact job duties can vary depending on the type of job. Aka Private Secretary  - someone who works only for 1 person and does correspondence and scheduling activities  It may or may not include travel with the person and may or may not include running personal errands for them.  It also implies that you may have access to confidential information in the course of your work.

So a CEO might have someone schedule meeting. Arrange air flights, handle correspondence. But this person (probably) stays at the company HQ to handle and forward information to the CEO who is traveling.

A "famous" person might want someone to handle the above plus arrange dinners and arrange child care /baby sitting and they might have you travel with them so you can be there to get whatever they need.  Can be a fancy name for someone to be a live-in helper.  

Getting details of what is expected can let you know which end of the spectrum they are talking about.
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Personal Assistant Tasks

  • Manage correspondence and screen visitors and calls, prevent interruptions, and resolve issues.
  • Run business or personal errands and perform general administrative or housekeeping tasks.
  • Organize calendar and appointments, checking with other parties to ensure availability.
  • Draft correspondence, arrange travel, and provide estimates for activities and events.
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