What Are The Qualifications And Responsibility For The Position Of A Personal Assistant To A Chief Executive?


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To be the Personal Assistant to a chief executive, you would be required to have some formal education either a B.A. Degree, a secretarial diploma, or a communications diploma or the like.
You could of course work yourself into this position by sheer experience through climbing the levels in the company, from junior secretary to managerial secretary and so forth.
The personal assistant of a C.E.O.will be expected to be articulate, confident, a problem solver and above all diplomatic, since he or she will have to handle appointments,
meetings and the minutes of meetings,documentation and filing. Following up actions from meetings with boards and presentations.Shielding the boss from
unwanted calls and visits, issuing press releases, coffee tea and lunch making for unexpected arrivals, making sure the bathrooms and office are orderly, plus flower and present ordering and
booking resturants, the list is endless.
Since this person is the right arm of the C.E.O. , and no job is to big or small. They will be expected to have a sense of humour, wads of patience, and hopefully have a boss who appreciates it all and pays them accordingly.
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The position of a personal assistant is generally an administrative support position the personal assistant has to perform routine, administrative, or personal tasks for an executive. General functions are duties such as typing, computer processing, and scheduling for an executive. The responsibilities and along with it the required qualifications, of a personal Assistant to a chief Executive, have changed a lot over the years. A decade ago perhaps a high school degree with basic computer skills would have sufficed, however not so today. The bigger the responsibilities of the boss, greater will be the duties and responsibilities of his personal assistant. Also in earlier days the personal assistant has the luxury of a 9 AM to 5 PM type job, however, no so any more in present times.
Today a Personal assistant should have graduated with minimum of A levels or equivalent in English, Math, and social sciences. Some chief executive assistants are also required to do course work in finance and management. Moreover, they have to be internet savvy and have basis and advanced computer skills to cope with their jobs. The working hours now have extended to almost round the clock, based on bosses requirements.
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My qualification Bca

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