What Makes A Good Personal Assistant?


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I have read many different discussions on how to be a good personal assistant.  It is a great idea out there for people looking for job and I hire.  I have even met a lady who was the personal assistant to George Bush, a self-help guy (I can't remember his name), and a few other famous people.  I think that the way to truly become a good personal assistant is all about how efficient and passionate you are.  You still refuse to do something that is unethical, you an help your boss become good as well.  I have dug through many companies,  I have found that the one of most ethical on the matter is TimeSvr.  They stated this about how to be a good personal assistant.  -- "They are equipped with the technology they need to do almost any task you require off them, from arranging travel and dinner reservations to making phone calls and doing research on the internet for you."
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In order to be a really good personal assistant to your senior manager or director then you need to make the best use of your time by dealing with secretarial and administrative tasks. You will also need to gain a whole lot of knowledge on the set up of the organisation. You will also have to research on the important personnel and also the main aims and objectives of the company.
In order to be efficient you will also need to efficiently work on activities like screening telephone calls, looking after visitors, maintaining dairies, writing letters, briefing paper, producing various documents, carrying out research to assist you boss, arranging for travel and accommodation in the best of places along with the best of deals.

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