What Future Does A Personal Assistant Have? Career Wise


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Well, as you have a bachelor's degree in business administration then you shouldn't go for this job, as your education is far more qualified than this job.
Since you have no work experience you should start off by interning in any organization that you prefer. You should make sure that the department that you are interning is the one that you would like to continue with. As later on in life, your relevant professional experience is what matters most rather than a lot of experience in random fields.
If once you start off as a Personal Assistant then in future while changing you job, you would not be given a higher ranked post. Even though your qualification is that of an Entry Level job but you should understand that it is the Entry Level of Management not the organization.
Apply somewhere else where your business administration education is relevant and makes you understand that management is all about planning, leading, organizing and controlling instead of answering phone calls and arranging schedules for your boss.
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Well, a personal assistant doesn't have a very bright future. You have to do everything which your boss should do. I mean you have to make his appointments, you have to do bookkeeping, reserve his tickets, make his all on-going plans etc. You will become jack of all trades but master of none in the end.

You should keep on doing this job and study at the same time to get higher degree and so to get a good job. Try some job with some business administration touch.
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yeah i mean i have a business administration bachelors degree, but i dont have have any work experience, this is my first job ever..... i am planning on doing my masters at some point but before that i wanted to have a good career,,,, i mean what advice can you give me??? should i keep going on this job or shall i switch to another one and if i did switch to another what other position can i go for and at the same time at some point it will lead me to some where, like it will help me build my carrear and have something good at the end?????

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