What Are The Duties Of A Creditors Clerk?


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A creditor is an institution or an individual that is owed money by another individual or institution, and so may include a bank, a company, a person or even investors. They make their profit by charging interest to the debtors, or by imposing large penalties if the money is not paid back. Creditors hence need a lot of staff, and a creditors’ clerk is just one of the important staff that are on hand. The creditor’s clerk has the responsibility of gathering all the documents that are received by the creditor, organizing them and then filing them according to hire resolve.

Creditor’s clerks also have the responsibility for preparing the regular payments that need to be made by the borrower. So essentially, the clerks are there to make sure that everything is in order, business is happening as usual, and the lenders receive the money that they require.

A creditor’s clerk also needs to update the cash book every day, as well as perform accounting work and bookkeeping, which are absolutely essential for the organization of the finances by the creditor. Money cannot be lost if bookkeeping performed by the creditor’s clerk is always of a high standard.

The creditor’s clerk will also have to perform other administrative tasks that cannot be performed by anybody else. The job title of a creditor’s clerk is hence rather complicated, and not necessarily set in stone. A creditor’s clerk is the person that works behind the scenes to ensure that the creditor is acting professionally and providing quality services that are necessary for everybody to benefit.

Most creditor’s clerks will have a bachelor’s degree in accounting, whilst others may be professional bookkeepers. It’s a serious role, performed by professionals! Accounting, administration and constant awareness of all transactions are the three main areas of the job title.
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The requirements for creditor clerk can vary, depending on the nature of business. Generally, it requires Matric with accounting. It means that you must have passed one paper of accounting. You must have knowledge of MS Office for this job. You should also know the basics of computerized financial systems like calculating depreciating on MS Excel. Some companies also require at least two year experience in creditors management.

The duties of a creditor clerk can be the matching and batching of creditors invoices. Reconciliation of creditors' monthly statements is also required. Communications with other departments regarding invoices is also required. Maintenance of documents and keeping them safely is the main duty of creditor clerk.

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Matching and batching of invoices reconciliations of monthly statement is also required maintainance of invoices and safety is also required
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Processing of daily Account Payment transactions
Paying creditor/ vendors
Reconciling vendors accounts and clearing  of GR-IR account
Facilitating customer satisfaction
Adhering to health & safety practices, statements

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