What Is The Motivation When Looking For A New Job?


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If it is an interview question, say that you are looking for a position with more opportunity for personal and professional growth, that you are a very ambitious and motivated person looking for the right fit, for your overall future opportunities, and benefits. Something like that. And if they ask what your negative characteristics are, twist a positive one, like " I tend to be a perfectionist in my performance, and I am known to focus on my work too much. People are always telling me to lighten up."
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Carol Malarkey
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When looking for a new job, would you say that money would be the prime factor which sways you to take a new job or would it be disatisfaction with current role
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To survive and earn your lot and improve your situation. It is also to find something that interest you and challenges you and your life. It is sad to think of those that do what they do not like as there are so many daily chores that are unsatisfying. To be able to find work that satisfies you is as elusive as finding love.

I am saying everyone is different. There are no guarantees in life and to think that one does something they hate for the someday possibility of doing something that they love and could do but want more money so they put off what they really want to do then they have made a choice. Money will come and money will go but opportunity mostly comes less often then one may think. Tomorrow may never come and then what they love will never be, the choice is your's not mine. I can only make choices for me.
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Penny Kay
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That's a WOW! I like this one, it is excellent.
Carol Malarkey
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Are you saying that given a low salaried position that was interesting or a considerably higher paid salaried job that was mundain and robotic you would chase your dream rather than the pay packet????
Steven Vakula
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Thank you!
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Yes it is that and more, conveniences, comfort, pay, benefits, hours, location, atmosphere, room for improvement, friends,and perks.
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Carol Malarkey
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Could you put them in order of importance... I.e. 1 being location etc.
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Putting them in order of importance will be a personal issue. If you value happiness more than anything then I would start with that because it is happiness that will most effect all of your lifes aspects. Then remember that if you do not have enough money it will cause stresses that will adversely effect happiness. You will find working close to home will lower drive time, commuting cost and stress, therefore lowering the need for income. Perks like cell phones and company vehicles lower the needs for you to use your own resources even more, thus lowering the need for more money, being comfortable in your job and with its atmosphere will cause even less stress, loweing the chances of needing a shrink and making the need for money even more. Plus it will allow you to do the very best job you can, most likely making your performance open the door for a better position within the job. So if you have no perks and no comforts, money is the very most important thing!!!

If you can have all of them other things then you only need enough money to be comfortable at home!!
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One of them is money.
Being able to have a job that you really enjoy is another.
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It is job Security Working From Home As an Affiliate Marketer, I love to be able to work when I want and how I want, Dress, Or pajamas and slippers, LOl

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