What Would You Say Is The Most Important Thing You Are Looking For In A Job?


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The most important thing I am looking for in a job is self actualization (an environment in which I can contribute my fullest potential and help the organization to grow and prosper), and self esteem.
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The most important thing about having a job is dedication, obedience to superiors, sincerity and punctuality. So many people who don't have jobs are still going on job searching. We must feel that we have got an opportunity to prove ourselves and through this job, we can improve our grade.
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I am about to graduate, for me the most important thing is whether you like it.Interest is the best teacher,without it,you won't get better results and you'll also tired of working.
Few months ago,my father asked me to be an official-servant but I refused,I'll adhere to my dream--to be a foreign-funded staff.
This is my advice,I hope it'll helps you a lot.
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If it's possible I think you should have a job in something you love to do, I think it's the most important. Because if you love your job you'll be there for long and people around you will notice how you are a remarble person and worker.
If you have a job you love and a good salary you'll go far in life, it gives you the opportunity to experience a lot in your life.
If you stay at the same job for very long because you love it , you'll enjoy a better retirement.
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By my mind, the importance of a job is loving it, with much of interesting to do it, that you will work with dynamic. The kind of doing the job is positive and good for the health as well.

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That would probably keep changing with the experience I gain. In the long run it has to be fulfilling with a sense of achievement and recognition.
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The most important thing is the job satisfaction!
This comes from:
Good opportunities for progress.
Fairly good salary.
Good oppotunities for learning.
Appreciation & Guidance.
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The most important thing about having a job is that it helps you to live independantly. You cannot get through life without a job as although you can claim benefits in most countries, you will never be able to live worry free if you do not have a proper job.

Practically everything costs money these days. Food, water, tax, rent/mortgage, gas, electric and entertainment too. So you need enough money to be able to survive as well as to be able to buy the things that you want to buy and to do that you need a job.

However another important aspect of a job is to find one that you enjoy. If you enjoy your job it makes your life a lot easier and seem as though you have to spend a lot of your time there, enjoying it is fairly essential!

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