What Qualifications Do You Neefd To Be A Photographer?


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To be good at taking pictures.
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I wont to be a photographer but I don't know what I need to have to become and good one do you have any ideas to help me ?
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Don't confuse being a photographer with being a professional photographer. They both take pictures but one of these two runs a small business. To do this for money you have to know something about running a business: Taxes, accounting, personnel, services needed, marketing & advertising, dealing with the public. To be a photographer all you need to do is get a camera and get after it.
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You can go to school to be a photographer, a degree would help you in landing jobs, but if you know camera and you know film and know about contrast of light and shadow, In other words if you are a good photographer have a good potfolio and go out job hunting. If they want the degree there is always night classes. Some people need no school if they have the eye for it.

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