What Job Values Are Important To You ? Why Do You Choose This Job ( Career) Position?


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There are certain values which I feel are important to me and I want to pursue a career that provides them. Some of them are my work having a positive impact on others, doing my work with integrity and honesty. There should be order and structure in what I do, I should be recognized for my loyalty and dependability, putting in my best effort in my work and doing it with all sincerity.

I want to use my creativity and imagination and implement them in my work. I like having warm working relationship with my co workers and have good communication with them as well. Being able to trust my colleagues and helping them out when it is required. I would like to grow professionally and keep learning new things while I am working.

I strongly feel that this career position will help me keep my work values and provide satisfaction as well. One of the most important factors is that the job I am doing should be enjoyable and give me satisfaction. This job should meet my expectations professionally and help me grow as well, so I chose this career option.
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My job preference is civil superior services (CSS). I like it since my childhood but I was unaware of its proper modus operandi and other stuff. But now, as I am a mature person so I know better how to go for that. I have studied hard for it and have appeared in exams. Now it is up to God that how He is going to give me reward of my hard work and belief in Him. I like to be a civil servant as it will give me full opportunities to work for my country in a dedicated manner. I know our system is spoiling with every passing day. I want to do something memorable for my country.

Another thing that comes to my mind is that this job will be reliable. I would be able to do it for long. It will give me a secure future. It will secure my career in one way or the other. At times, it seems difficult to study hard for getting this career but then I think that it is better to test my expertise. So now I am very relax in selecting civil services career for me. I have chosen this job because it is fulfilling a lot many values that could be left in satiate if I would have to go for some other job option. It will give me the honour and dignity that I am seeking for.
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