Discuss Some Of The Errors In Perceptual Judgment Made By Interviewers In Job Interviews?


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I can give a few examples, but not really a full discussion.  One of the perceptual judgments that occur is when the person who is trying to be hired is nervous.  The interviewer could perceive a normal case of the jitters for a deeper problem such as a chronic anxiety disorder, being "scatter brained", not having the attentional capacity to perform the job, etc.

Another perceptual error that could occur is one that is based on the appearance of the person trying to be hired.  If they are dressed highly professionally and the interviewer is not--it's possible the interviewer could falsely assume that the person is "uppity" or doesn't "need" the job because they "obviously" have enough money to afford such nice clothes.  On the other hand, if a person applying for a job does not have many financial resources and thus cannot afford to have the most stylish clothing, a judgment that can occur is "This person won't take pride in their job since they don't take pride in their appearance".  

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