What Makes A Good Mental Health Nurse?


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Taking a moment to listen to someone who is crying and not trying to shut them up or pass them off.  Being non-threatening, having a good nature, interacting with the patients.  This is just a perspective not a medical answer.
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First, you have understood the patient is thinking, what is he thinking? What does he want? What problems is he facing? We should listen to their problems carefully. Then we should be nice, kind, honest, reliable, trustworthy for them, we should find solutions for their problems. We have to understand them. Non-threatening, having a good nature, interacting with the patients.

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Besides education, patience.  Lots of patience. And then more patience. The nurse has to handle being the object of profanity, anger, etc. THis has to be done on the job, yet when arriving home to family,  the nurse must become parent and mate again.
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Being qualified

being nice, kind, honest, reliable, trustworthy
Being able to control yourself and adapt to different reactions and different people from different backgrounds and religions aswell as faiths

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