What Is The Difference Between A Nurse Who Work In The Community And A Community Health Nurse?


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First, let's look at the word community, a word, which basically means com-unity: a group of people living together, relating to one another in various and differ ways. They may live in the same town, city, village, neighbour, building or be a part of a college campus or business community. A community is a group of people with something in common, giving something and receiving something. So, the meaning of community is basically a group of people, such as a town, city, state, hospital, church, fire or police department, grocery store, and neighbourhood. A community can be doctors, nurses, medical technicians and all the folks who deliver direct medical care and those who provide ancillary services within a town, city, state through hospitals and elsewhere..

You ask what is difference between a Community Health Nurse and a Nurse who works in a community. A nurse who works in a community usually refers to a nurse who works in a particular town or city referred to as a community, the place where she/he resides. While, a Community Health Nurse also works in the community, the place where he/she resides this person also provides services for communities within the community (city or town).

A Community Health Nurse sometimes works for the Department of Health, in a local community, doing a specific job for a specific community of people within the larger community (city, town). The Community Health Nurse may teach, work in local health clinics, visit indigent patients in their homes and provide nursing services to the poor and needy in places specified by the Department of Health.

A Community Health Nurse can also be a nurse who works for a hospital providing follow-up health care for discharged patients, who need additional nursing care in their homes, on a temporary basis. Community Health Nurses may also work for home health providers who are not associated with a hospital or the Department of Health.

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