What Is The Monthly Salary For A Hairstylist?


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It depends on where the stylist is working. If she works for a franchise, such as Great Clips, SuperCuts, etc., typically minimum wage or just above minimum, plus tips. Tips can vary depending on how many clients you serve and how well they tip you. If you lease a station at a salon or have your own salon, with a good clientele, you can make as much money as you choose. You set your own prices and you develop your clientele, and your business will grow as you nurture it.
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It depends how many years experience you have along with qualifications. I pay my top stylists £1200 per month before tax.
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Yall the question is monthly so that means answer the question not make up your own.
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It is unusual for a hairstylist to be paid a monthly salary.  They generally do one of two things:

1.  They rent their work space from the owner of the salon and pay them monthly.  Their income is then whatever is left over from what their customers pay them.

2.  They pay a percentage of anything they make from their customers to the salon and the remainder is their income.
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Depends on where you hire in at.
Some salons pay an hourly wage plus a percentage once you have done a certain dollar amount of services. I wouldn't recommend that.
  Some salons pay a straight percentage rate. I'd go that route until you get a clientele built up and then go out and rent a station in a salon on a daily rate.

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