What Are Managerial Functions?


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There are four basic functions of Management. These are:

- Planning: Planning relates to decisions on about the present and the future. It relates to how resources should be efficiently allocated.

- Leading: Leading deals with proper communication of goals and plans and motivating the employees to achieve them.

- Organizing: In this function, managers have to decide the optimum usage of resources.

-Controlling: Keeping a check on the progress of plans and performance.

Apart from these four functions, Staffing is also considered a main function of management.

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Managers can lead the organization to success through their functions. Managerial
Functions are to be performed by the managers effectively and efficiently.
The functions are:

Planning – Selecting future courses of action and deciding how to achieve the desired

Eg:- Determining resources needed, developing work shedules and setting
performance objectives.

Organizing – Deciding what activities are needed to reach goals and dividing human
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Managerial function are four :
al of these functions wil lead the organization to achieve it is goal
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Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing and Controlling cannot be implemented without proper organization.
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A manager is an individual who deals with all functions of managerial, planning, organizing, controlling, staffing and co ordinating other individuals for achieving best results of organisation goals.
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Those activities that every manager needs to perform in any organization like planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling.

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