What Questions Are Asked In A Lower Level Managerial Interview?


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The questions that may be asked to a candidate of lower-level management are following:
It is hard to predict which questions that will occur in your interview. However, following queries may help you in your interview:
1.Where do you expect to be in five years?
2.Give me a list of your strengths and weaknesses?
3.What do you think it takes to be successful in this position?
4.Tell me about your work experience. What did you accomplish?
5.Give me three reasons why you are interested in our company?
6.Which course did you like the best and why?
7.Describe the kind of your boss you prefer?
8.Give me an example of a situation which upsets you in either your school or your place of work?
9.What do you know about our company?
10.Do you prefer working alone or with others?
11.Which of your college years was the most difficult?
12.Can you get recommendations from all your previous employers?
13.D o you like routine work?
14.Define cooperation for me.
15.What the last book you read?
16.What is your major weakness
The answers of each of the above queries may be given with interviewee's own qualification.
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Uzair Ahmed answered
It is an admitted fact that the hiring of senior managerial staff requires a lot of attention and carefulness, as they have more responsibilities on their shoulders and are the policy makers. However, the lower managerial workers are nonetheless equally important and hence requires the interviewer's insight into the candidate's personality. One of the very common questions asked in any interview is to tell the interviewer about yourself.

After this question, a discussion may start about your previous job experiences. Here, you have to keep one thing in mind: whether you are going in for senior managerial position or you are seeking a lower managerial position, you shall be expected to have RELEVANT experience. You cannot simply put in irrelevant experience in your CV and can count it as one of your experiences. So you have to be very precise in doing so. Furthermore, you will definitely be expected to have some sort of managerial experience in which you must have had a team to manage. You will be asked about the number of you team members. Similarly, you will also be questioned upon improving the working of your team, strengths and weaknesses of your team and the level of cooperation among your team members. You may also be asked about improving the level of cooperation among your team members and how to minimize the politics among the employees.

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