What can a manager learn from the characteristics and activities of this particular team?


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Sports teams, like any other teams that we could talk about, are only as strong as the members of the team, and the strength of the team's character and performance is significantly influenced by the team leader. In terms of the Colts, this means the coaches (the former coach Tony Dungy and the current coach Jim Caldwell) are the most critical components of the leadership aspects of the team. That being said, the quarterback is also a critical piece of the leadership team, as well, and Payton Manning would be that individual in this case. 

In terms of leadership, regardless of what team you may be talking about - sports or otherwise - there are certain factors that have to be present in order for the team to survive and thrive. These include:

• The ability to motivate and inspire
• The skill to adapt
• The emotional intelligence to relate to people and bring out their best efforts
• The strength of character to elicit respect from team members

A leader gains authority by virtue of being named a leader but they must gain the respect of those they lead through the strength of their own character. Part of that character is the ability to motivate and inspire others and the ability to do so will drive the success of the failure of the team.

Payton Manning and Tony Dungy obviously had what it took, or the Colts would not have made it to the Super Bowl the first time around. While they did not win, they performed well throughout that season and in the final games of the playoffs and the Super Bowl.

While Dungy chose to retire and therefore left the team, Manning is still a central figure in that leadership circle and has undoubtedly played a big role in the performance of the team as a whole in the past couple of seasons.

Transitioning to new leadership is always challenging, which is one thing that can be learned from this scenario. The team has not performed as strikingly, but they have done well, making it to the Super Bowl a second time in a very short timeframe and while under new leadership.

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