What Are The Essential Characteristics Of Objectives In Management?


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There are several key characteristics to objectives in management to consider. To best summarise, it can be said that there are three key elements to consider here. These are as followed;

  • Organisational objectives
This is the overall objective in management which must consider all elements and all parties involved. This is where concern is highlighted for profit, survival and growth. The three things necessary for any kind of business to flourish and continue. In this objective, management need to take care to ensure that all 3 of these goals are met. This means that sufficient profit is made, plans for longevity of the company are laid and a system is set up in order to maximise growth.

  • Social objectives
This is the element that ensures that society's needs are also being met in the process of the company's own. This can be related to employment and eco-friendly business.

  • Personal objectives
This involves the team directly, particularly the people employed in the company. It is necessary to ensure that these needs are met through acceptable means, e.g. Correct praise and pay wherever due.

I hope this helps to answer your question.

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