What are the advantages and disadvantages of leadership?


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Each of the six leadership styles has advantages and  disadvantages.  Usually  a  good  leader  is  a combination of several of these styles. You must tailor  your  personal  leadership  style  to  fit  each situation.The  coercer  style  is  especially  effective  duringa  wartime  situation  when  the  command  is  incombat  or  under  fire.  However,  this  style  ofleadership can have some negative effects if the command, work center, or individual is performing at a high rate of efficiency. Subordinates will not respond  well  to  the  repeated  use  of  threats  during normal  situations.You might find the authoritarian leadership style useful when seeking information on a particular situation  or  before  inspections.  However,  it  is normally  not  a  good  style  to  use  in  personal counseling sessions. This leadership style doesn’t allow  enough  flexibility  to  provide  alternative solutions  to  subordinates’  personal  problems. Using this style by jumping in and taking over insituations when you have technically competent
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A leadership is a quality which  works for common good.it enables everyone to move in a right path.it has no partiality.this is the wonderful quality that one must possess to achieve success in any aspect.I don't think it has any disadvantage.

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