A lot of new managers err in selecting the right leadership style when they move into management, why do you think this happens?


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Oddman answered
Most people are not skilled in selecting among leadership styles--even if they are skilled in more than one leadership style. Selecting an appropriate style involves making an assessment of the situation and predicting the effects of a particular style on that situation. Hidden agendas and/or dysfunctional relationships are often involved.

New managers, are, by definition, inexperienced in management. They can be expected to make errors in attempting to do something that
  - they are not skilled in
  - they have not done before
  - involves hidden factors.
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Arthur Wright answered
Since we all are human, we all have our wn style based upon what we were taught meaning there really isn't a right or wrong style and what worked for them in the past is carried on by them and may not necessarily work in a new setting but its what they were taught so theyll try it again

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