I need model of a good conversation between hotel receptionist and turist?


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Receptionist:  "Good day, sir.  How may I help you"?
Tourist: "I'd like a room for my wife and I for the next few days.  Do you have something with a ocean view"?
Receptionist:  Let me check.  Yes, we do.  3rd floor, 2 double beds, air conditioning and Tv with cable."
Tourist:  "How much is the room per night, and do you offer a cheaper rate if we stay more than one night"?
Receptionist:  "The room is $75 per day, but if you stay more than 4 days, the price is $65 per day.  Is that suitable"?
Tourist:  Sounds good.  We'll take it."
Receptionist:  Will you be using a credit card or paying in cash"?
Tourist:  "Credit card."
Receptionist:  Fine.  If I may see your card, please"? 
Tourist:  "Here you go".
Receptionist:  Thank you sir.  It's room 314.  I will have someone take you up to your room.  Here is your room key and your card.  I hope you enjoy your stay with us". 

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