What Is A Good Objective For Wanting A Salon Receptionist Position?


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There are many good objectives for wanting a salon receptionist position. Many salon receptionists begin their career on the reception desk as a way of beginning their career as a hairdresser. It gives them the opportunity to work around hairdressers in the salon environment without actually committing themselves to the years of training until they are 100% sure that it is the right career for them. The receptionist will often be given jobs such as tidying up or even washing hair so it gives them the opportunity to get some hands on experience.
Some extremely prestigious salons will be difficult to get work in for a hairdresser, so a trainee hairdresser may accept a position as a receptionist as a way to ‘get their foot in the door’. This ensures they have the chance to work alongside the managers and have the time to impress them so that when a vacancy for a hairdresser becomes available, they will be considered for the position.
Some salon receptionists will be junior hairdressers and will be provided with free on the job training in return for a small pay packet but full training and experience which is invaluable for a hands on profession.
Another good objective would be the fact that a salon receptionist may enjoy working in a salon environment. It is an opportunity to work around people all day and socialise while in a creative and energetic environment. Salon receptionists need to be friendly, approachable and organised so the desire to communicate and entertain clients is essential as it is up to the receptionists to keep the customers happy if their appointment is running late.
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I took a resume class and first you should change the word objective to summary. Then you could say.

Dependable, friendly individual seeking receptionist job for growing salon. Customer Service is one of my top skills. Excellent phone voice and skills. Self motivated with very strong problem solving skills able to complete tasks.

You know yourself best and you can fill in the adjectives. That class that every resume should say something about completing tasks. A summary is basically an advertisement and it is up to you to sell yourself. Make sure to say things that are related to the job. Good luck. Are you knowledgeable in hair? Even a small amount would help you in this area. Good Luck!

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