Why Is Management As Old As A Man?


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Management was there since the arrival of man. From the time of Adam different types of managements are there. Management was either regarding time for different activities or arranging shelter and food. They used to manage their food hunting and sleep times according to sunrise and sunset. Management's standards kept on changing from time to time, from society to society and from business to business. But, whatever the standards are, Its said they always fulfill anyone or all of following, that is, Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling.
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Management is basically the act of getting your means and resources together for accomplishment of a goal. Management does not only relate to business but also individuals.

That is why it is said that management is as old as man himself. Man, since ancient times has been the planner, organizer, leader and controller of his life and family. He can have different goals depending on his needs, but he has been using the four functions of management to be directed in the right path.

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