What Is The Average Teacher Salary In New Zealand?


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If you are an educator who is contemplating a move to New Zealand to practice your trade, there are several things you should know about before making a move. The average teacher salary for a male or female teacher in the country of New Zealand is from 40K to 70K a year. The workweek for a teacher averages from thirty five to forty hours a week and salaries depend a great deal on subject matter taught and years of experience.

If you really want to make the big bucks in the country of New Zealand, there are a number of jobs where earnings clearly outpace the other professional fields. Workers in the information systems and telecommunications fields earn two to three times that of their professional peers and enjoy more job security. This trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future as technology grows and becomes more engrained in the lives of everyday people.

If you're a teacher fresh out of college seeking a first job in New Zealand, you can count on earning a starting salary in the neighborhood of 34K. This includes both primary and secondary teachers although teachers in private schools in some cases are known to make slightly more. Salaries will increase with years of tenure and good performance and teachers are held in high esteem in this island country in the Southern Hemisphere.

The top teachers in New Zealand enjoy salaries of up to 70K and teaching is also a good profession to retire from as you'll enjoy a healthy pension for the rest of your life. Job prospects are good at the moment and are expected to grow slightly in the next few years. Making a move to New Zealand to teach may very well be one of the very best professional moves you have ever made.

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