What Is The Average Teacher's Salary In Singapore?


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The average salary for a teacher in Singapore is approximately S$50844 ($42086) per year, or S$4237 ($3507) per month. More specific information can be obtained at the PayScale website.

Actual salaries are obviously partly based on the experience and age, as well as unfortunately gender, of the teacher in question. It appears that a female teacher can expect to be paid half of what a male teacher may earn. Another deciding factor when it comes to salaries is the type of school the teacher will be employed at. How this affects average salaries is outlined below.

  • Primary School
A primary school teacher can expect to earn between S$11,007 ($9111) and S$75,865 ($62,797) per year. This gives an average of about S$48,936 ($40,507) a year, or S$4078 ($3376) a month.

  • Secondary School
Teachers here can expect an average salary of S$57,363 ($47,482) per year, or S$4780 ($3957) per month. This figure includes lows of S$20,134 ($16,666) and highs of S$94,592 ($78,298).

  • Middle School
Middle school teachers' salaries range from S$20,943 ($17,335) to approximately S$79,033 ($65,419) per year, resulting in a yearly average of around S$49,988 ($41,377), or a S$4166 ($3448) monthly average.

  • Elementary School
At elementary schools, teachers are paid an average of around S$58,259 ($48,224) each year, or S$4855 ($4019) each month. Salaries generally fall between S$24,328 ($20,137) and S$92,190 ($76,310).

  • Special Education
Special education teachers at preschools, kindergartens or elementary schools can generally expect an average salary of around S$44,564 ($36,888) per year, making the monthly average around S$3714 ($3074).

The figures used here are based on national averages and may vary a great deal depending on different schools' locations within Singapore.
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You can find out exactly how much you should be paid if you use this salary calculator. You just have to put in the country, and other details such as primary or secondary etc, and you can get all the information you need in Singapore dollars or other currency.
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average salary for this profile is S$1600-S$2000.

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