What skills do nursery nurses need?


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Caring, friendly, confident, able to talk to people.
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EHow is Awsome for stuff like this, you need to be educated to become a nurse
Would you like to be a licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse? LPN would have to wait for a year of hands on paitent care before going into the nursery - Where as a registered nurse could start immediatley after training.

Those who attend nursing school full-time can get their RN degree within two to three years. There is about a year’s worth of prerequisites prior to actually gaining acceptance into the program. Consider if you would like to leave college with your bachelor’s degree or is an associates degree acceptable?

If you choose to be a LPN its recommended that you find a job in a hospital in the maternaty ward or in the pediactrics wing so you have some hands on experience and a better ticket into the nursery after time paid.PALS, or Pediatric Advanced Life Support, is an excellent (and required) certification course to look into.

And don't forget to find a nursery department you want to work in and talk to the director about what they want in a nurse, and let them know that you are interested in becoming a nurse there

Grandmother is a Nurse - she lives with me
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