What Vocational Skills Does A Nurse Need?


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A nurse is basically a health care professional, who is responsible for the safety, treatment, recovery of the people who are ill or injured. Nurse is also responsible for health maintenance, and taking care of emergencies.

The educational requirements for becoming a nurse varies from country to country. However, the specific field a nurse would work in is determined by the relevance of his/her education.

The vocational skills required by a Nurse are as follows:
- Basic knowledge of medicines
- Taking care of the ill
- Bandage and injection
- Knowledge about diet requirements in different diseases.
- emotional support to the patient.
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You need to first graduate collage and decide on a nursing jon.complete an education.programs are available at coumitly collage.training promgrams may require two to four years. Then you got to take the licensing examination. Lastly examies furthercareer and education options

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